Cutline works with paper.



Cutline is a fresh look at linescape.

A simple and straightforward cut in paper, in nominal form, is revealing a simple, minimal line.

We usually think of art as representing an aspect of the real world (a landscape, a person’s portrait or a still life).

With minimalism however, no attempt is made to represent an outside reality. The medium and the art form become the actuality.

This art form is encouraging seeing and thinking, while looking at art. The artist wants the viewer to respond to what he is seeing in front of him.

Minimalism can be understood as carrying the idea of art to a form of balance by reducing the subject to the absolute limit, trimming it down to a minimum, at which it is released from any resemblance to a natural appearance. At this limit of minimalism the matter becomes fundamental representing a purified will at art.

Haller’s intention is to encourage the viewer of this series to see the images through the inner eye to understand and form his own opinion of it.