Geometrical Abstractions / COVID-19 Lockdown

Minimalist Approach


Geometric Abstractions

Geometric Abstractions changed the landscape by creating art that evoked from the emotions of the artist.

It is about hidden meanings, analogies, protest, deliberate simplifications to prove that everything complicated is simple.

To feel this meaning, it is necessary to disconnect from reality.

In reality you see a set of geometric shapes, points and lines placed in space. But in the world of art and the inner world of the artist, each of these elements has its own, hidden meaning.

Primary colors of red, green, and blue were used originally, which later on evolved to include more colors to give it more depth and emotion.

Geometric art already had a cult following in the early Greek period of 900 BC, as evident by concentric circles and her shapes on their vases and paintings.


COVID-19 Lockdown

The images 01 to 14 of the Series Geometric Abstractions were created in the same fashion as the creations described above.

The compositions, starting with image 14 and onwards, originate from the frustrations of being isolated and disallowed to attend social gatherings caused by the spread of the COVID -19 pandemic in public.

Being restricted of staying at home but free to practice art in my studio helped me to overcome the stress and aggravation of this Global virus epidemic.