Linescape works with paper.


Introduction to Linescape – 2000

In the year 2000, during a six month stay in Berlin, Germany, Haller studied minimal art using the subject: lines in space. Reducing the composition to simple form elements was his main concern. As a medium, he used paper on paper.

Haller explored a variety of spatial circumstances through contrast, form and rhythm. The vacant space created between and around the line structures, brought about a silence that became as imperative to the composition as the lines themselves.

The graphic series created in Berlin refers to locations found in the city: Treptower Park, Potsdamer Platz, Mengerzeile etc. The series is not an authentic reproduction of specific localities, but rather an imaginary idea of interpretation from the inside. It represents metaphoric opinions of the artist himself.

These projections relate to experience in space. Falling, aspiring and crossing paper strips meet together. These lines have generated movement and vibration.

In theory, objects traveling through space are leaving a line behind as traced by their travel. Positive and negative forces in space are determining the direction and form of these lines. These line constructions are living and independent structures which, in the space of nature have found their position and movement. Lines step-out, are in motion and disappear from the plane into infinity. The line designs are alive through the interaction caused by their structure and expression: bright and dark, reinforcement and negation, fantasy and coolness.

Haller’s experimental work created in Berlin has since formed the groundwork for the principal and ongoing work project named: linescape.

Linescape – paper on paper 2000 - 2008

Linescape is exploring spatial realities through contrast, form and rhythm.

The series is interpreting its line and form combination within a variety of space condition:

  • Geographic space: black and white paper strips, pressed into various shapes and glued on white background.
  • Micro space: black and white paper strips mounted on a black board.
  • Intergalactic space: lines cut into white mat board allowing the black background to show through.
  • Deconstructions: Collage of cut white mat board segments re-assembled on a black background.

The highly conceptual linescape series makes spatial interpretation an exciting venture with unlimited possibilities.