Reciprocal Vibration

Reciprocal Vibration works with paper or Masonite, as indicated in Text


Reciprocal Vibration 

We usually think of art as representing an aspect of the real. With Minimalism, no attempt is made to represent an outside reality; the artist wants the viewer to respond only to what is in front of him.

The Reciprocal Vibration series is a slight departure from the kind of work I have been exploring and creating since 2000. My work of the previous series were linear, minimalist and rendered in black and white on white ground.

I have retained a strong linear component here too, but I bring in figure and bold colour. I wanted the shapes to work fluidly with the linear elements, but the precise curved or straight cuts that make up the top layer introduce sharp angles and sudden junctures.

The composition structure of the Reciprocal Vibration body of work is based on nature.

The created art form came from my inner intuition.

Red/green and blue/orange and yellow violet are complementary oppositions that are nearest in intensity and value, as well as warm/cold contrast. Both colour combinations incite each other to maximum vividness. Concentrating your vision on certain areas of an image creates a vibrating sensation in the eyes.

As I created the images, I became interested in making a variant of the original. Reversing the variant image and colour placement changes the figure-ground relationship dramatically. Identical areas of either colour appear different in weight, mass and brilliance of hue.

The look has now distinctly changed even though it is a pair consisting of the same original configuration.

With out study, the pairs appear to be quite different in conception.