Wasseramsel / Dipper

Wasseramsel/Dipper works with paper.


Wasseramsel / Dipper

Haller wanted to bring the poetic charm of this bird into play as if it was an allegory of nature viewed in context of his work. The speedy flight in straight and curved fashion, the birds exhilarating movements and its diving below and out of the water demanded elegance and simplicity.

He imagined that the speedy manoeuvres must be intoxicating to the dipper. It must be the way the bird feels when falling from the sky in an arc, scratching and cutting the landscape with its wing tips, bringing out its beauty in total splendour.

Like the beauty of the bird itself and its elegance, so are Haller’s images in and on paper!  The sweeps and circles cut into the white board, the curvy lines created by the linoleum prints, they are very direct, very poetic!

The images are clear, exact and considered.