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Peter Haller was born in Basel, Switzerland.

In 1967 he emigrated to Canada.

Haller studied Fine Art at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.

He graduated in Fine Art: Drawing and Painting.

His works have been shown in Canada, Germany and Switzerland.

He lives with his wife in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.



Overview of the Artistic Activities:


2017 to present: Minimal Art - Series O, Geometrical Abstractions and Impromptu Series

The desire to create minimalism in its pure retro reduced form started in early 2017.

No attempt is made to represent an outside reality; I wanted the viewer to respond only to what is in front of him. The medium) from which it is made, and the form of the composition, is the reality. 'What you see is what you see' or `less is more`.

Simplify, reduce, enhance, inspire are the four attributes for the creation of the work series.


2014: Reciprocal Vibration

I created this new series in the year 2014.

These diptych paring is a departure from the kind of work that I have been exploring and creating since the year 2000.

The images are a comparison of the colour and form structures that seemed to have chanced due to the reciprocal process. The original composition of both images however remains unchanged. The vibration effect when observing the images is created by using the complementary colours of red/green and blue/orange.


2000 to 2013: Linescape - The Line in Space

In the year 2000 I lived and worked for six months in Berlin, Germany. I was Artist in residence at the Atelierhaus Mengerzeile in Treptow, formerly of East Berlin.

I experimented with paper strips, cut with a paper shredder, in the colours black and white, assembled on a blank coloured sheet of watercolour paper. The body of work that emerged from this experiment formed a new Work series called Linescape. The subject matter of this sequel explores the line in space.

From these early Berlin experiments the Linescape series progressed into various and different work groups. These variations of lines in space images have been exhibited in Galleries and Museums in Germany, Switzerland and in Canada.


1984 to 1999: Oil- and Acryl Picture s

During my studies at the College of Art and Design in Toronto and up to the year 1999 I painted large size canvases in the expressionist style. After 1999 I started to explore the minimal and abstract art form in my work. At that time, I was meeting and working with Peter Kolisnyk, a painter and teacher of Contemporary Art (died 2010), and a minimalist himself. I began to experiment with the line in space as my subject using reduction of form and colour.


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